The Excitement of a new Continent…

...the wonder of Nature and the Ocean

Sea and Kayaking Support By Icebird

This is TOTAL IMMERSION in the Antarctic environment!

There is no better way to experience Antarctica ‘UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL’ than from a sea kayak, where just inches from the water you glide along, part of the landscape, immersed in the environment … and not to mention the wildlife … penguins, seals, humpback whales, minke whales and even orcas!

As you paddle through the pristine environment you’ll become familiar with the many shapes and forms of the ice – small brash that tinkles against the boat, thin sea ice you may have to crunch a trail through and weird and wonderful icebergs, calved from the prolific glaciers that tumble down the majestic mountains and pour great chunks dramatically into the sea with often spectacular noise.

We have seven sea kayaks and all the associated kit, and the large stern platform on Icebird makes an excellent boarding platform. Paddling trips can be tailored to suit all skill levels from comfortable day paddles in sheltered bays to multi day expeditions camping on islands and exploring seldom-visited parts of the peninsula. We can organise guides and help with kit and ideas for voyage planning. Please contact us for further information.

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