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Film and Photo Support By Icebird

In 2003, the first year of operation with Spirit of Sydney, we supported Animal Planet’s ‘The Croc Hunter‘ and were chuffed to play a part in ‘Icebreaker’ with Steve Irwin.

Since then we’ve supported a number of film crews over the years, Globetrekker for Pilot Guides, and various other movie makers, including Andrew Mc Cauley’s “We of the Sea 3” about his epic unsupported sea kayak expedition from the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula to the Antarctic Circle.

We understand the needs of Directors and their crew and are happy to work tirelessly to put crews in the right place at the right time and knows the necessity of making the most of good light or conditions when they exist. “When It’s ON…It’s ON!

In addition, Icebird’s unusual Aero-rig with its wide stable boom and its ability to be rotated out over the water under control, provides an excellent platform for filming or photography from a unique angle. While the free standing mast means that the decks are surprisingly clear of obstacles and rigging wires that clutter the decks of most yachts.

Photographers are also well catered for and Icebird has many charging points, both 110V and 220V for charging camera gear.

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