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Icebird Expeditions : Icebird is designed to carry her crew in comfort, speed and safety across any oceans of the world and to the farthest and most remote corners of it. Icebird’s strong double-glazed pilot house means you can enjoy the views while sailing in one of the world’s harshest environments. Icebird is a tough aluminium expedition yacht with watertight bulkheads, specifically built for high latitudes and ice, equipped to operate in extreme and remote environments and suited to meet the requirements of small group and private charters for ski-mountaineering, sea kayaking, film and photography support, dry-suit diving, science support, whale watchers or adventurers of all kinds.

This coming season aboard Icebird …

We still have a couple of spots left on trips for this season, or check out the Upcoming Expeditions page for future seasons.  Or why not design your own private expedition to Antarctica, Cape Horn, South Georgia or the Patagonian Fjords?  Get in touch today and we can make it happen!


Austral Summer 2024-2025icebird expeditions

October 1 – October 20: Patagonian Fjords – Punta Arenas to Ushuaia – spaces available.  contact us for availability

October 25 – November 9 –  Patagonian Fjords – contact us for availability

November 18 – December 17: Ski-Antarctica, Adventurous Ascents Antarctic Peninsula – 2 spaces available contact us for availability

December 29 – January 26: Photography Expedition – fully booked

February 3 – February 24: Kayak Antarctica with Jeff Allen – 2 space available contact us for availability

February 24 – March 16: Kayak Antarctica with Jeff Allen – Fully booked

March 24 – April 15: Cape Horn and Patagonian Fjords –  Kayak and Hike – contact us for availability

Next Austral Summer 2025-2026

Check out the Upcoming Expeditions page for more.

Dreaming of Skiing in the “Wildest Place on Earth”…? Check out www.ski-antarctica.com

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icebird expeditions

icebird expeditions

Expedition Sailing in Patagonia

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